Design Engineer

Name Elphinston, Elston
Phone +91 9788377257
Qualifications Having 5+ years of experience in Piping Design like Metal Expansion Joints, Valve Bellows, Hoses,
I have good knowledge in component design & good working knowledge in ASME, BPVC, EJMA, ANSI, Tolerances as per ASME Y 14.5, Piping Knowledge (31.1, 31.3) Pipe Fittings, Auto CAD, Fixtures Design, NPD, & Drafting’s.
Also I have designed various Metal Bellows (sealing) & successfully supplied to various countries.
I can do Design, Material Selections based on customer requirements, Costings, Drafting’s, give suggestions to customers for the approval of products, and encounter any problems before manufacturing the products to avoid production losses, timing & material wastage.
Currently I am looking for opportunities, Kindly let me know if there is any.
Location INDIA
Are you prepared < /br>to relocate Yes
Further Information