Sealing Systems & Simulation Expert

Name Abdelhak AZZI
Phone 0634231636
Qualifications Research interests are focused on mathematical analysis and computational modeling in the field of Sealing and Tribology, using analytical and numerical methods. I have been involved in research in the following areas.
– Seal lifetime estimation
– Mechanical and thermal effects of debris particles and oil particulate contamination.
– Elastohydrodynamics and mechanics of polymeric and composite seals.
– Elasticity, thermoelasticity, poroelasticity, and rubber elasticity.
– Fatigue life calculation of seals compared to experimental tests.
– Finite difference and finite element analysis. Analytical solution of differential equations
Following is a list of the main programs developed with the FORTRAN 98 programming language.
– Program SEAL I. Transient, smooth elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis, mechanics and performance analysis of composite seals (PTFE-elastomer PTFE).
– Program SEAL II. Transient, rough, ElastoHydrodynamic Lubrication analysis, mechanics and performance analysis of elastomeric, reciprocating seals
– Program EHL highly coupled with Abaqus software. The solution of the ElastoHydroDynamic problem for hydraulic and pneumatic seals with Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids under transient conditions.

– Experimental study of friction in pneumatic seals «A Azzi, A Maoui, A Fatu, S Fily, D Souchet – Tribology International, 2019 ».
– AZZI, Abdelhak. Étude théorique et expérimentale des systèmes d’étanchéité par joints pneumatiques. 2019. Thèse de doctorat.
– Patent “Test Set for the Evaluation of Energy Converter Parameters (hydraulic and pneumatic systems)”.
– Peer reviewing papers for scientific journals and conferences (Tribology international (Elsevier))
Conference STLE, Mai 2016, Atlanta, USA
– Numerical simulation of surface roughness effects on the mixed lubrication characteristics of hydraulic seals «A. AZZI, A. FATU, D.SOUCHET, A.MAOUI, D. FRIBOURG ».
Conference WTC, September2017, Bejin, China
– Experimental study of friction in pneumatic seals. «A. AZZI, A.MAOUI, D. FRIBOURG, A.FATU, D.SOUCHET ».
Conference Leeds-Lyon, Septembre 2018, Leeds, UK
– Transient modeling of reciprocating seals. « A. AZZI, A. FATU, D.SOUCHET, A.MAOUI, D. FRIBOURG ».
Technical follow-up of the full product lifecycle including its design, test, simulation, validation, research, and technical support.
 Design

– Detailed knowledge and practical application experience of lubrication theory, seals design and sealing technology; with proven ability to select, monitor and trouble-shoot lubricants and seals.
– Choice of materials, manufacturing processes used to produce elastomeric seals and seal assemblies.
– Design of advanced dynamic and static sealing for hydraulic systems (motor, valve and pump )
– Sealing integration (sizing, tightening, surface condition, mounting and installation)
– Brainstorming concepts for new components, systems, methods to power and propel equipment. Simulation and testing to examine and progress concepts through our manufacturing facilities and make final products to help our customers build a better world.
 Simulation
Start seal profile studies, apply advanced computerized models to understand, verify, and improve the design of components, systems, products, and processes as well as interpreting results, and iterating until geometry and materials meet objectives.
 Testing

– Design and implementation of test benches for the qualification of sealing systems ( Dust, Dynamic and static seals)
– Development of new sealing test procedures
– Sealing tests post-processing, analysis and reporting
– Estimation of the seal lifetime under test bench conditions and accelerate life test
– Sealing expertise (failure mode, …etc)
– Take a design concept and put it to work to collect data, verify performance, and contribute to design enhancements,
 Technical support

– New specifications of different sealing
– Training supports
– Support for Sealing product buyers
– APQP , DVP and DVP@R procedures
– Support of application engginner department , quality department and process departement
– Knowledge standard

Location France
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