Separate Divisions have been established to focus on specific product areas . These Divisions initiate separate action programmes, according to their own particular requirements and priorities. It is anticipated that additional Divisions will be formed in due course, reflecting the growing membership and business interests of the Association.

Working Groups

In parallel, Working Groups have been established to implement action programmes which are of common interest to more than one Division across the membership.

Task Forces

Task Forces are formed within individual Divisions to carry out specific tasks or manage projects. Often these Task Forces operate in cooperation with other interested bodies such as Research Centres or sister Trade Organisations.

Executive Committee

This is the management board of the ESA, carrying out executive functions on behalf of the membership. The Executive Committee is composed of Company presidents, directors and senior managers, elected from across the membership. The composition of the Executive Committee reflects deliberately both the breadth of European culture and also the width of sealing technology of the membership. Each Executive Committee Member stands normally for a 3 year term of office, and the present Executive Committee is comprised of:

ESA office


Chairman John Morton John Crane
Vice Chairman Simone Wilson IDT GmbH
Dr. Wolfgang Bommes Burgmann Packings GmbH
Ozan Devlen Kastas International
Mark Horton Flexitallic UK Ltd.
Alberto Rocca Carrara S.p.A
Chiara Sozzi General Packing
Secretary General Mark Neal ESA

Hall of fame

Previous Members of the Executive Committee include:



1997 – 2016 Michael Werner Teadit
1992 – 2014 Dr Brian Ellis ESA
2005 – 2013 David Mitchell  Flexitallic Ltd.
2010 – 2012  Harald Poppke  Garlock GmbH, Sealing Technologies
 2009 – 2010  Stuart Phythian  Garlock (Great Britain) Ltd.
 2007 – 2010  Robert Michels  SGL Technologies GmbH
 2005 – 2009  Ettore Betto  John Crane Italia
 2004 – 2008  Božidar Likar  Donit Tesnit d.d.
 1996 – 2007  Professor Elmar F Baur  Burgmann Industries GmbH & Co. KG
 1992 – 2006  Francisco J Montero  Fibras y Elastomeros S.A.
 2004 – 2006  Ray Dorey  John Crane EAA
 2002 – 2004  Dr Jürgen Koch  Klinger Holding Deutschland GmbH
 1997 – 2004  Colin Millington  Beldam Crossley Ltd.
 1992 – 2004  Cyril X Latty  Latty International s.a.
 1993 – 2003  Dr Amrat Parmar  John Crane EAA
 1999 – 2001  Dr Thomas Klinger-Lohr  Klinger Administration AG
 1996 – 1999  Frits Mühlenbruch  Klinger Picoff B.V.
 1994 – 1997  Brian D Halligan  James Walker & Co. Ltd.
 1992 – 1996  Dr Edgar Schmid  Reinz Dichtungs GmbH
 1992 – 1995  Lothar Jentzsch  ESA
 1992 – 1994  Bob Henson  Beldam Crossley Ltd.