Membership of the Association is open to reputable companies involved in the production and supply of fluid sealing products in Europe and the surrounding regions.

As a Member of the ESA, a Company is able to:

  • refine and influence the direction of the industry
  • join other industry leaders to influence standards bodies, legislators, customers and other groups as appropriate

Most importantly, the ESA can make an impact where a single company may have only very limited influence. For example, the ESA has been particularly successful at influencing the development of ISO, CEN and API standards, adding to the value of these standards through the incorporation of technical expertise from the sealing industry, ensuring that the engineering technologies of the industry are well represented and reflecting the requirements of Member Companies.

Equally, ESA product Divisions have implemented a variety of programmes aimed at improving customers’ understanding of the sealing technology most appropriate to their specific applications.

Other benefits include:

  • discussion forum with other industry leaders
  • market statistics information, analysing market trends to provide better in-Company decision making
  • hyper-links from the ESA web site
  • preferential connections to centres of technical excellence, such as BHR Group, Cetim, MPA, TTRL etc.
  • involvement in ESA-sponsored work programmes, conferences and exhibitions
  • sharing in the results of ESA-sponsored work programmes
  • preferential rates at ESA-sponsored conferences and exhibitions

Associate Members also benefit by having a “captive audience” of potential clients in ESA meetings!

To apply for membership
All Companies wishing to apply for membership must confirm details of their direct staff and facilities in Europe, plus the full range of products and services they offer, in order to clarify the form of membership which would be most appropriate. You can find the application form here. This is your formal application for membership and will initiate the application process.

All applications for membership are considered by the Membership Committee and Executive Committee in the first instance, and their recommendations are then decided by all Members. Importantly, the ESA will elect only those Companies which are willing and able to contribute to the activities and work programmes of the Association.

For more information, please contact the Secretary General.