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The ESA is made up of organisations and companies which in many cases are global, as such they will require individuals for many different disciplines from finance, research, quality, engineering, IT and Sales.

Many of the member companies within the ESA offer graduate training programmes.

You can also read stories of people who work for one of the ESA Members and hold positions within the ESA.

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Here are a few of the many positions available within the ESA members together with a link to the company concerned, and current candidates who posted their CV’s.

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Date Name Age Looking for work in Ideal job title
Date: 30 June 2019 Name: Himanshu Panchal Age: 29 Looking for work in: Any Part of Eupore Ideal job title: Mechanical Technician / Assembler
Telephone: +966560923757
Gender: Male
Languages spoken: English, Hindi
Ideal job title: Mechanical Technician / Assembler
Ideal job: Experienced in Mechanical Seal Industry. Mechanical Technician Profile in Operations and Production.
CV pdf: Resume-New
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