Preserving and Exploring


Simone Wilson, Chairwoman of the ESA Executive Committee, reflects on the concept of "path dependency" and how disruptive events can break it.

PFAS Restriction and SEA Update


A blanket ban on PFAS in the sealing industry would have a profound negative impact on society and the environment. To strengthen our case with the ECHA, we have committed to Ricardo to produce a PFAS Socio-Economic Analysis.

People and Positions within the ESA


In recent years, we have introduced two new platforms that we hope will increase transparency and raise awareness of the positions available within the ESA: “Executive Team and Divisional Positions” and “Careers Area”.

New Membership Applications


We have received two new applications from organisations based in Italy. These have been vetted and approved by the Executive team, and now it is the chance for existing ESA members to ask questions.

Members Area and Opportunities


Information for ESA members on receiving a membership certificate, signing up for meeting invites and newsletters and gaining access to the Members Area.

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