At the 2016 AGM in Essen, I made Mark Neal jump through hoops—literally. When he tried to recruit me for a position on the Executive Committee, I promised to consider. But only if he would join me for an early morning workout at my local gym. The rest, as they say, is history.

Except, I don’t think it’s history. For me, this story perfectly illustrates what will sustain the European Sealing Association in the future:

  • True commitment
  • Champions of change

Commitment and change are the cornerstones of our association, and every single member can contribute to these principles.

Whether change is good or bad largely depends on your perspective. Considering today’s geopolitical and economic challenges, some may argue that firm and strong leadership is necessary to maintain the status quo against the wild forces of change.

In the end, however, change is inevitable. No matter how we feel about it. So how do we manage change and uncertain times? The key lies in how we anticipate and adapt to change. This means leveraging knowledge and information, embracing innovation, and making forward-looking decisions.

And this is at the heart of the ESA. We thrive on the expertise of our members—knowledgeable engineers, innovative minds, and decisive leaders. We thrive on a network that communicates effectively and ensures that we remain the voice of the sealing industry in Europe.

The strength and success of the ESA lie in our shared commitment and our capacity to champion change. As I step down as Chairwoman, I call upon each one of you to continue this journey with the same passion and dedication.

I also ask for your continued support for the incoming Chair and the new Committee members. Their leadership and vision will be critical as we move forward, and I am confident that, with your support, they will lead the ESA well.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as Chairwoman of the Association; thank you for the trust and encouragement you have shown me.


Simone Wilson

Vice Chair, ESA