At the AGM 2023, John Monaghan of Burgmann Packings and Francesco Apuzzo gave presentations on reducing or eliminating single-use plastic and the development of a Carbon Footprint Tool (you can find them at the links below). Thank you for your contributions to this important topic, which was widely discussed in all the divisional meetings and will form part of their regular agenda.


As a reminder, we are looking for 1 plastic packaging product from each division, for which we will collectively try to find a more sustainable alternative. Burgmann Packings have made huge steps forward in their business and recognise that some level of disruption is necessary to bring about change, but that this is not a reason to hold back. We would like to see more activity and more members doing the same. We are awaiting samples of the cardboard boxes to replace the packing creels and hope to discuss the next steps forward in the forthcoming divisional meetings.

Presentation by John Monaghan:

Reduce or Eliminate Single-use Plastic in Burgmann Packings

Presentation by Francesco Apuzzo:

Calculation Tool for Oil & Gas Valves Manufacturers and Their Supply Chain