One of the benefits of a non-profit trade association is its ability to collectively pull together the knowledge and experiences of its members to deliver independent training with no commercial bias.

Traditionally this has been in paper format and on this website you will find documents in electronic format as well as PDFs. As we move more online in our everyday workplace the Flange Gasket Division and the Packings Division have both taken existing traditional documents and turned them into online training aids for the selection and installation of their respective products groups.

The Packings Division training programme should help engineers, technicians and users of packings to understand what packings are and how and when they can be used successfully. It covers application and installation information as well as packing materials and construction. The training consists of a series of chapters loaded onto a Learning Management System which allows the user to jump to different chapters at times to suit them. It offers the user flexibility and a means of registering their details to receive updates as the training develops. Click here to view the course »

The Flange Gaskets Division has produced an animated training video which covers the correct installation of a gasket for flange applications. It is intended for maintenance experts, engineers, technicians and users and covers the preparation, selection and torqueing requirement to load and seat a gasket correctly. It is 4:55 minutes long and can be obtained and circulated freely upon request to the ESA – Click here to view »

Our online courses are available to all users free of charge, but enrolment is necessary for some. Where this is the case you can login from the course page. If you are already logged in as a member, enrolment is automatic.