There are four training courses in the training section of the ESA Knowledge Base. They are mainly for Packings and Gaskets.

Other ESA Divisions are also working on introductory training for their sealing products. The Mechanical Seals Division has finalised their introduction to mechanical seals training course, only the voiceover text and some graphics must be updated.

Photo from ESA's training programme on mechanical seals.

The Expansion Joints Division created a draft introduction training for fabric expansion joints. This must be reviewed by the members, and voiceover, picture, and graphic content have to be added. The Elastomeric & Polymeric Division still has to review the first draft of their introductory training module. The Flange Gaskets Division has their third module about gasket materials nearly completed.

We are on course to have at least three more training modules added by the end of this year.

All the online training courses can be found using the following link: