The ESA portfolio of online training courses continues to grow, with the latest addition being the first from the Mechanical Seals Division. The ‘Introduction to Mechanical Seals’ is an introductory course describing Mechanical Face Seals, including details of history, construction, applications, and classification. This will be the first in a series of courses on various aspects of mechanical seals, including modules on Single Seals, Dual Seals and Containment Devices which will be added in the coming months.

The new course joins a number of others developed by members of other ESA divisions, covering Compression Packings (including Troubleshooting) and Flange Gaskets. A module describing different gasket types and materials was also added recently.

All of the courses are totally free of charge and can be followed by students at their own pace. They consist of a series of video ‘lessons’, and users can select specific lessons and jump from one part of the course to another at the click of a mouse. They are intended for students at all levels who are looking to increase their knowledge on the various sealing methods and best practices in sealing technology.

All the online training courses can be found using the following link: