Due to their persistency and toxicity, most regulatory agencies in the world closely monitor the use and impact of short-chain PFAS’s. As a substance subject to restriction under the EU REACH Regulation, PFOA has been added to the amendment of Annex XVII. The use and marketing of PFOA-containing mixtures and articles containing more than 25 ppb or PFOA-related substances in total exceeding 1000 ppb will be prohibited from 04.07.2020 with exemptions and grace periods for certain uses.

For sealing products mainly the use of PTFE dispersions and powders can affect the PFOA content of the product. Already some years ago most of the reputable PTFE producers changed the surfactants to produce PFOA free materials. As of this time, there is no globally accepted standard test method for measuring these very low levels of PFOA content and there is no indication how the regulation will be enforced. If questions from customers arise with regard to PFOA content in sealing products, the ESA has found a test institute SQTS (Swiss Quality Testing Services) which can analyse and measure PFOA levels to this low REACH threshold.

For more information you can contact ESA Technical Director Ralf Vogel.