A gasket database has been developed by the Flange Gaskets Division of the ESA in cooperation with Amtec Messtechnischer Service GmbH. The database is live now and can be accessed by using the following link: http://www.ESAdata.org/.

The gasket characteristics published in this database are approved by the ESA. It is a service for our members and for general industry. The data is independently verified from each manufacturer to ensure consistency and accuracy.

This is a developing database, and the first phase of the programme is limited to gasket characteristics according to EN 13555 which are required for flange calculations according to EN 1591-1. The database will be developed to include additional characteristics (e.g. HOBT, ROTT, m & y, etc.) in future releases.

Now 80 gasket materials from different manufacturers are recorded in the database and categorised into different types. After selecting the desired type of gasket there is an option to select the manufacturer and then in some cases a specific product. After the product has been selected some general data will be shown and the gasket characteristics according to EN 13555 can be viewed. A table with the numerical data and a graph for each characteristic is available. The characteristics can be downloaded in a PDF and an XML format. The values can be implemented into pertinent software tools for the calculation of bolted flanged joints.