The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) had a great 2023 Annual Meeting in Savannah, Georgia, where we celebrated the association’s 90th anniversary. Attendance and participation were both strong. This year is an opportunity to build on the past accomplishments of the FSA and look for opportunities to grow.

We’ve started a mentorship program to match new members with existing members. This program is meant to provide support and encourage new members to participate in activities and committees. We have also made a commitment not only to industry education, but to provide education and learning opportunities for our membership.

The Mechanical Seals Division has prioritized the development of educational materials aligned with industry standards to meet the needs of the future workforce. The division’s goals for the upcoming year include the creation of industry-leading training material and educational content focused on common seal support systems.

The Compression Packing Division elected a new Chair, Kathy Johnson of John Crane. The division is working on revisions to their technical handbook. They are also updating their KnowledgeBase resources.

The Expansion Joint Division is committed to enhancing technical standards and knowledge within the industry. The division is working to update the Ducting Technical Handbook in 2024 and create educational content for both Piping and Ducting.

The Gasket Division elected a new Chair, Luis Escalona of Empak Spirotallix Mexicana. The division has updated their KnowledgeBase resources and is ready to deploy to the website.

The Government Affairs Committee is now Government and Regulatory Affairs. The distinction is important to encompass government policy and regulatory issues, such as compliance and enforcement. This committee was exceedingly busy in 2023 and this has not changed in the early months of 2024. The committee has been responding to numerous requests for position statements and industry support letters. The top concern of the PFAS Taskforce is the overreach of PFAS legislation and the potential impact on the industry’s ability to use PTFE. The committee has also continued partnerships with the Valve Manufacturers Association and the Hydraulic Institute on these efforts.

The Marketing Committee has continued to amplify our impact by spearheading the development and expansion of our website and the various communication tools used to promote the organization. They are working on integrating the KnowledgeBase into the FSA website and completing the FSA video splash.

The Spring Interim Meeting was held on April 16-17 at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott. The Compression Packing, Gasket, and Mechanical Seals Divisions each held productive Technical Committee meetings on the 16th and the Strategic Planning Committee met to discuss the organization’s strategic objectives and long-term plans on the 17th.

The FSA’s 2024 Annual Meeting has been confirmed for October 21-23, 2024, at The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa in Denver, Colorado. Details on the program will be announced soon, and posted on the FSA’s website.

Amy Hammarstrom,

FSA President