The ESA is working closely with the FSA (Fluid Sealing Association) in USA on PFAS issues. The FSA keeps us informed about developments in USA. Now the FSA is working on a reply to the State of Maine for incoming PFAS legislation. A list of CUUs (Currently Unavoidable Uses) for sealing devices is being prepared by the FSA. There is also an exchange at the divisional level through participation in FSA Division meetings.

There is also an exchange with CEFIC (representing chemical producers in Europe) and Plastics Europe (representing plastics producers in Europe) on PFAS developments in the EU. Mark Neal and Ralf Vogel have attended the meetings and webinars of these organisations on PFAS. Nicolas Robin, the Director of the Fluoropolymer Group at Plastics Europe, will attend our AGM in Prague to give a presentation at the PFAS Working Group meeting.