The AGM saw several new people volunteering to take up positions vacated by others. We strive to ensure that rotation is every two years for the roles of Chair and Vice Chair, and these roles are purely there to support your divisions. Your contribution is valued, and the workload isn’t particularly demanding, so if you can help, complete the online application form here.

We introduced Sandy Van den Broeck as our new Environmental and Social Governance Director, who will support our projects in areas such as Standards and Legislation, People, Carbon Footprint and, of course, PFAS. We have four ESA people supporting the divisions with Ralf Vogel, Peter Bowden, David Edwin-Scott and now Sandy within the ESA team.

We also saw the changeover of Chair this year, with Simone Wilson stepping down after many years overseeing the ESA and being replaced by John Morton. Thank you, Simone, for all your support throughout, and it’s great that you will still be with us going forward and welcoming John. John has been Chair before, and it is great to have such an experienced individual to work alongside.

Thank you to everyone involved in making your ESA work by contributing and volunteering for these roles. It’s great to see so many new faces taking up some of the roles, together with familiar friends and colleagues supporting the ESA again.