Plastic pollution is a global crisis with far-reaching environmental, economic, and social consequences. Plastics have become an integral part of modern life, but their improper disposal and excessive use have resulted in environmental degradation, harm to wildlife, and a host of human health issues. To combat this problem, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive plastic reduction initiative that aims to reduce plastic consumption, improve recycling infrastructure, and encourage sustainable alternatives.

The ESA is working with all Divisions to share information about plastic reduction efforts among the member companies. A collaboration by all members to develop eco-friendly products and packaging can accelerate the adoption of sustainable alternatives. Innovations in biodegradable plastics, alternative packaging, and sustainable production methods can drive the transition away from traditional plastics.

In the Plastics folder in the Members Area, John Monaghan’s presentation can be found with information on how Burgmann Packings is tackling the problem. Another presentation with recent examples from the different ESA Divisions is also available.

The Packings Division is testing a new box and packaging method without the use of plastics. The Flange Gaskets Division shared some alternative packaging methods and is also working on a project to replace plastic spacers for spiral wound gaskets with a bio-degradable alternative. The Mechanical Seal Division shared a packaging solution by Chesterton. To make the change more acceptable for end users, the company is also including a letter to explain the reasons for the changed packaging. The Elastomeric & Polymeric Seals Division and the Expansion Joints Division are also discussing viable options to reduce plastics.

Manufacturers and Their Supply Chain