As part of our ongoing “spotlight on members of the ESA”, we are pleased to introduce Clifford Springs, a UK-based company that joined our ranks last year. Let’s give them the floor to share their story in their own words.

Clifford Springs is based in the UK and specialises in the manufacture and global supply of high-quality seal energiser springs.

We understand springs, we are experts in their design, and we are constantly working to innovate and improve spring design.

We take a variety of approaches to this innovation.

  • We work independently and with confidentiality to find spring solutions for customers.
  • We collaborate with designers and engineers to make adjustments and improvements.
  • We provide customer training in “Spring Understanding and Appreciation”.

Ultimately, it comes down to understanding the problems that seal manufacturers are trying to solve, identifying what part the spring design can play in the solving the problem and being part of the solution.

There are several seal energising spring types to choose from, when it comes to designing a spring energised seal.  Each spring type has its own unique properties and characteristics – high load and low deflection, high load and high deflection and every variation therein.  One spring type even achieves near constant forces throughout the deflection range meaning the seals don’t need overloading by maximum spring deflection when the seal is new, and there’ll be minimal load change even when the seal and associated hardware have worn – all leading to extended life and improved performance in specific applications.

The free training we provide to our customers covers a wide range of spring types – how the different types operate, how the energy is stored, and the benefits and/or limitations of each of the spring types.  It also includes an overview of materials and their various characteristics, with a simple check-sheet to cross-reference the more common materials (including exotic alloys) against features such as corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance, price and availability, and other criteria.

As part of our constant focus on efficiency and quality improvements, Clifford Springs continuously invests in new machinery and its people.  As a result, our springs are produced on some of the finest manufacturing equipment in the world, by some of the greatest spring talent in the industry.

There are few organisations in the Sealing industry who don’t already work with Clifford Springs, and we want to ensure the name and reputation of Clifford Springs continues to be shared and respected world-wide.

Our membership of the ESA helps us with that.  It gives us access to an impressive and diverse knowledge base that is benefiting our business as a whole, enabling us to give our clients even better support.

Clifford Springs are proud to say to the ESA membership: “We make your seals, seal!”, so talk to us about your spring energised seal needs.