The ESA is an associate member of ISO TC 153 WG5 and is involved in the creation of ISO 12101 “Industrial valves – Measurement, test, and qualification procedures for fugitive emissions – Classification system and qualification procedures for type testing of stem seals for valves.” Colin Zegers has updated the latest draft, which has been sent for DIS inquiry. At the next working group meeting, likely in June, the comments from the inquiry will be analysed. Additionally, the question of adding hydrogen as a test fluid will be discussed during this meeting.

Work on the Packings Standard in CEN TC 197 WG3 has commenced. At the upcoming meeting in May, Draft 9 will be revised, and comments from French experts will be addressed. The working group primarily comprises ESA members, alongside experts from VDMA and pump manufacturers.

In January, the EU Commission adopted new minimum hygiene standards for materials and products that come into contact with drinking water, as regulated in the Drinking Water Directive 2020/2184/EU. These standards will come into effect on December 31, 2026, for materials and products used in new installations or when older installations are renovated or repaired. They aim to prevent microbial growth and reduce the risk of harmful substances leaching into drinking water.

Regarding Flange Gaskets, EN standards 1514-1 and 12560-1 have been reviewed with no specific changes. EN 1591-1 has minor updates at present. EN 1514-6 is under review, and there are minor errors in the current version, particularly related to grooved metal geometry. Gasket Division members will share their internal manufacturer standards with the working group to address this issue.