This year’s AGM is set for April 22-24 at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, scheduled a month earlier than usual to benefit costs, availability and our carbon footprint. A guide is available to assist you in reducing your carbon footprint, along with details on the AGM and hotel reservations.

Hilton Old Town Hotel in Prague

For the first time, we are now offsetting part of our environmental impact through contributions to sustainable programmes and have allocated funds in our budget for 2024.

The ESA Executive Team has created a guide to help you reduce your carbon footprint when you attend one of our meetings. We encourage you to think about each stage of your journey and implement some of the ideas.


The AGM 2024 schedule and details can be found in the AGM folder in the Members Area. (If you require the password, please contact Mark Neal.)

Hotel reservations

To book your room, please use the following link:

If you experience difficulties booking a room on this reservation platform, please contact Mark Neal. It mainly affects users of Apple devices. The Hilton Group is aware of the problem but has not yet been able to resolve it. There is now a workaround that, although not ideal, works well.

Transport to and from the hotel

The Hilton Hotel Old Town is within walking distance of the railway station if you are travelling by train. Unfortunately, there is no train connection to the airport. Here are some suggestions (option 1option 2) that might help you with transport from the airport.

We all look forward to seeing you there.