First, I must apologise for missing this AGM, the first in 15 years that I have not attended, but the change of date clashed with a life-long trip that I could not give up. Secondly, or maybe it should have been firstly, but I should thank Simone for her leadership over the last 3 years; she, along with Mark, have instigated further changes that have further shaped the ESA and allowed it to develop with the times.

The ESA continues to be dynamic, we are attracting new membership as the benefits of being part of an international trade body can be seen. Within the industry, we have taken the lead in PFAS, and we are building out our capabilities in sustainability and standards and legislation, making the Association an exciting place to be. Our industries are entering a period of significant change as the energy transition begins to become an operational reality and our customers focus begins to change.

This will be another exciting and dynamic period for the ESA, and I hope I can contribute somewhat to this period. I take this opportunity to wish you all well and hope to see many of you at Achema in June or at the proposed meetings in Italy in September.

John Morton,

Chairman of the ESA