Planning an ESA meeting?

We utilise several methods to manage our meetings online which may help you. The first stage is to set the time date of a meeting without having to send 100 e-mails to sort it out. The ESA now uses Doodle. This provides all potential attendees with the options for a date and time and they can indicate the best possible fit. The creator then selects the most suitable date and time.

For the meeting itself we utilise Go To Meeting. Screen sharing and swapping is all possible together with dial in options for those on the move or without access to the internet. Video conferencing is possible but please remember to remove that embarrassing photo on the wall behind you and change out of your pj’s.

Website updates

We now have an ESA Knowledge Base. Instead of publications being spread across the website, the Knowledge Base allows us to hold all documents in one place and link them to all the locations in the site. This means that if we have one alteration within a document, we no longer need to find all the locations it is held in and update them individually. There is also search functionality within this system and a structure which enables quick and simple location of a document. We would welcome your input here. If there is something you like to see or have any comments on the build of the site to date, then please get in touch with Mark Neal.

Animated Training Video – Comments invited

Both the Packings Division and Flange Gaskets Division have created animated training videos. If you have any comments on these or wish to volunteer to create the text for the video, then please get in touch. Both videos are held in the Members area on a low-resolution format and need input to complete them.

Flange Gaskets Database

The first phase of the new Flange Gaskets database is nearing completion and the minutes of the last meeting are now held in the Members area together with procedure for having your company’s data represented there. This will go live in early May.