Screen 9 ways to reduce plastic waste in your workplace

I hope this communication finds you well. Apologies that we have been quiet about the project recently, but that is not to say nothing has been happening. Prior to the current serious problems associated with the COVID-19 outbreak we have been establishing a working relationship with the Less Plastic organisation and planning activities to raise awareness of the single use plastics issue within member companies and ways in which we can help to improve the situation.

This had included a mailshot campaign, provision of materials and a further workshop at the AGM where a representative from Less Plastic would be present and make a presentation. However, with the postponement of the AGM and the increasing issues surrounding the pandemic we believe that your companies will have more immediate issues to deal with around employee health and security and maintaining business. Therefore, we are suspending activity on the project for the time being.

Nevertheless, we know how important this project is in the longer term and will return to it as soon as the general situation improves.

In the meantime, if you have anything to share on the issue which might benefit fellow members, please contact me (at David Edwin-Scott) or Mark Neal, and we will use our various channels to pass it on to the wider member community.

Best wishes to all in these uncertain times.

David Edwin-Scott, Project Coordinator