Our upcoming Annual General Meeting in Prague promises to be an insightful event—not only as a platform for professional exchange and networking, but also for reaching common goals. This year, we focus on the following current issues that merit our attention and participation:


The issues around PFAS remain uncertain, and we recognize that it will take patience to gain clarity. In Prague, we want to take time to discuss the latest developments and understand the potential impact on our industry. Nicolas Robin, Director of the Fluoropolymers Product Group at Plastics Europe, will join us for the PFAS meeting.

Expanding ESA’s marketing and new member activities

We are determined to strengthen ESA’s presence as a valuable source of information, especially for our member companies. That is one of the reasons why we plan to increase our marketing activities. With up-to-date and actionable information, we want to be recognized as a reliable resource—by our members and beyond. The new member initiative launched in Bergamo will be followed up to learn from this experience and make future initiatives even more effective.

Structuring of the sustainability agenda

For the first time, we are now offsetting part of our environmental impact through contributions to sustainability programs. However, we also want to support and encourage members to take meaningful action and embed important environmental issues within their organizations. Another focus is on structuring our sustainability agenda more strongly. We don’t just want to talk the talk; but walk the walk. Key topics will either fall into the category of carbon governance, carbon responsibility, or environmental education. We believe that through these activities we will have a positive impact not only on our industry but also on society.

Director of Standards and Legislation/Environmental Issues

Hiring a Director of Standards and Legislation/Environmental Issues has been on our agenda for quite some time. It’s a priority if we want to increase our impact on sustainability issues. The financial resources are available, and we are now ready to make this move.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon! Let’s work together on these important issues and the future of the European Sealing Association.

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