The Packings Division has started a research project with DHBW Mannheim University in Germany to test different packing materials with helium and hydrogen. Emission tests according to ISO 15848 CO1 at RT and elevated temperatures are planned. For the plastics reduction project, several members are testing a plastic-free solution for packing packaging. With our research member Amtec, the leakage performance of packing sets and lengths for PTFE packing material is nearly finished. The result will be published in a Valve World article.

The Expansion Joints Division is further refining their configurator tool for the selection of standard fabric expansion joint solutions. Also, the first training presentation, “Introduction to Fabric Expansion Joints,” is in an advanced stage and should be finished by the summer.

Ralf Vogel, ESA's Technical Director

Ralf Vogel, ESA’s Technical Director

The Mechanical Seals Division is doing further work on a document about mechanical seal emission performance. The training course “Introduction to Mechanical Seals” is nearly finished and should be published soon. Also, an article for Pump Engineer has been created.

The Flange Gasket Division started with the publication of a three-article series about the comparison of helium and hydrogen leakage results for three different gasket materials. In addition, a paper for the Valve World Conference in December will be forwarded to KCI. For the plastics reduction project, the Division is investigating alternatives to plastic spacers for spiral wound gaskets. The first quotes for silicone and biodegradable plastic materials have been received.

Lastly, the long-term work of the Elastomeric & Polymeric Seals Division on low-temperature testing of elastomers has resulted in the first ISO standard initiated by the ESA. ISO 5119:2023, “Low Temperature Sealing Capability of Elastomeric Seals — Test Methods,” was published at the end of last year. Cetim finished the continuation work for the Arrhenius project.

Ralf Vogel,
Technical Director