David Mitchell Scholarship – University of Strathclyde 

In memory of David Mitchell, we have set up a scholarship programme with the University of Strathclyde to support a student in an engineering course where David studied at a similar age. We are delighted to share an end-of-year report written by our scholarship recipient, Ilya Gladkikh. I hope it gives you a flavour of how the ESA’s David Mitchell Scholarship has supported Ilya over the past year and how he has progressed in his studies. 

The ESA David Mitchell Scholarship – End of Year Report 

Current Candidates – ESA Website 

There are currently no new candidates looking for positions within the Sealing Industry, but below are the most recent posts from May this year. The candidates all look quite promising and given the fact that they have located our industry among the many out there and uploaded information, it would suggest that they are all worthy of consideration. Perhaps you could forward the link to the ESA Careers Site to your HR departments, as I am sure it’s often quite difficult to find potential employees with the right experience. In addition, there is also the opportunity to post new positions. 

Executive Team and Divisional Positions 

Mark Horton and Alberto Rocca have stepped down from their roles, as the maximum period for any team member is six years. I would like to personally thank them for their support, guidance, and encouragement throughout. I would also like to welcome Jane Abi Aad and Mike Eason to the Executive Team. We look forward to working with them over the next few years.  

If you would like to apply for any of the new positions (2 in 2024), you can find the application forms here 

Mark Neal,
Secretary General of the ESA