Within any organisation, human resources development is crucial to long-term sustainability. We are trying to ensure that we address this within the ESA, even though it is largely made up of volunteers who have “normal” jobs and relies heavily on the participation of its members. In the last few years, we have introduced two new platforms that will hopefully increase transparency and raise awareness of the positions available within the ESA.

Executive Team and Divisional Positions

Contained within the Members Area is a listing of all the positions available in both the Executive team and in each of the Divisions together with a date at which their term expires. There is an “Apply for this position” button which takes you to a simple form where you can input data and upload CV’s. This information is held confidentially and will be reviewed at the Executive Team meetings held every quarter throughout the year.

One particular position of importance is finding a successor for the Standards & Legislation Director to replace David Mitchell. Recognizing the need to embrace a changing environment and include social awareness within our organization, the title of the role has been changed to “Environmental and Social Governance.” More information is available in the table, but the position would suit someone who is semi-retired and working part-time. Main responsibilities are Standards & Legislation, Environment and Human Resources.

We have also been informed by the University of Strathclyde that the David Mitchell Scholarship has been awarded to Ilya Gladkikh who is studying Aero Mechanical Engineering, please see the attached document and link from the University of Strathclyde.

Careers Area

In the Careers area of our website it is now possible to either advertise a position you may have in your organisation (members only or contracted out Recruitment Agencies) with appropriate details and attached documents. Or if you are looking for a job and wish to send your CV and details to us, then we can circulate these out. This is aimed at individuals looking to move into our industry, either as graduates or anyone looking for a new position.