During the AGM meetings in Munich, a hydrogen applications meeting took place. Prof. Thomas Klenk from DHBW Mannheim University gave a presentation about the hydrogen research facilities at the University and he presented the first results of the packings testing he is performing in cooperation with the ESA Packings Division.

Hydrogen testing was discussed at ESA AGM 2023.

Different topics were discussed during the meeting. One of them was low temperature testing. Now materials testing at low temperatures for liquid hydrogen can be performed. But emissions testing at these temperatures is more difficult. Here, the ESA plans to work with test institutes to generate more information.

We are also monitoring the development of standards for hydrogen application, especially for sealing devices. Here, the ESA and its members can get involved to provide valuable input. Furthermore, we are collecting testing data for gaskets and packings to compare hydrogen and helium leakage results. The aim is to publish articles to inform OEMs and end users about the seal performance.

For anybody interested in this topic, here is the link to the hydrogen working group folder: