Packings Publications

Compression Packing Technical Manual 4th Edition

13 February 2019

Published 2019 Provides detailed information on compression packings and their components, with guidance on their selection and installation. A substantial revision of the 3rd edition which was published in 2008. English language version. Published in collaboration …

Specification for a Test Procedure for Packings for Rotary Applications

12 December 2011

ESA Publication 020/2011 Test procedure for compression packings to be used to seal the stuffing boxes of rotary equipment. English language version. Published in collaboration with the FSA.

Pump and Valve Packing Installation Procedures

11 February 2003

A guide to effective pump and/or valve packing installation. This document provides guidance to maintenance operators, engineers and fitters to ensure successful packing installation in pumps and valves. It is intended to complement other plant-approved …